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Top reasons why I prefer VB.NET over C#

VB.NET vs C#, VB.NET has better:

  1. Intellisense: searching identifier definition, displays a list of errors during typing the code
  2. More readable multiple closing block statements met near each other: end if, end do, next vs }}} in C#
  3. Block statement autocompletion
  4. With statement
  5. Better implicit type conversion
  6. Case insensitive identifiers automatically converted to the case of declaration
  7. No need for nasty break statement in each case condition handler
  8. Cycles condition can be specified on both beginning and end of cycle definition.


Some useful links:

Rockford Lhotka - CSLA.NET Architect opinion - 2004

10 Reasons Why Visual Basic is Better Than C# - VB in 2012 is still BETTER!

Use cases I determined for myself reagrding MS DotNet related dev tools (all pure IMHO of course):

  • C# may be good for large shops with many interchangeable developers who do not care about how much work hours are spent compared to VB.net, they just need a mainstream standard. For a small team or an individual developer VB.net is a clear winner, time saver and the best tool to succeed.
  • Mono is good to run command line utilities on Linux. It is easier to do small complex programs in VB.net than bash.
  • Windows DotNet is good to create reach GUI with a help of DevExpress and manage mono utils on remote linux computers via SSH library. Linux distros, especially Debian, have a lot of free outstanding very powerfull command line utilities often lacking a GUI or having some poor GUI. I think it is even a good market niche to create Windows GUI for managing Debian server.
  • pmono is a very good backport of the almost latest Mono for Debian stable distro.
  • MonoDevelop even 4.x is still very buggy and is only suitable to debug short fragments of DotNet code in native Linux environment.
  • MS Visual Studio VB.net is certainly the best choice for development for both Windows GUI and Linux command lines utils.
  • SharpDevlop is very good for fast probes of new latest MS compilers with targetting to the earliest old frameworks like DotNet/Mono v2.0.

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